Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

So every year there's usually been family drama between my mother and I on Mothers Day.... but this year the holiday actually went perfect!

I woke up to the smell of my kids (with my husbands help) making me breakfast. I got to eat breakfast in bed. It was delish!

 photo IMG_4209jpg_zpsd20186b0.jpg

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns and bacon

After I ate, Steven cleaned up the mess in the kitchen... man, kids are messy, haha!. Then the kids wanted me to open my presents, and I didn't object *winky*!

 photo IMG_4251_zps875ad95e.jpg
The kids made me cards and crafts, Dylan made a Pinch Pot in Art class, and I was given assorated stuff from The Mothers Day Sale at school. I love it all!

 photo IMG_4249_zps474b8837.jpg
My wonderful husband bought me this candle tea light thingy that matches our bathroom decor. Plus I got a bunch of those tart things you stick on the top.
The one in this photo is called "Vanilla Cupcake". It's really nice!

I also got two Pandora Charms for my bracelet, but they never photograph well so here's this.....

PANDORA | Leading lady: PANDORA | Leading lady
PANDORA | Red stepping stones: PANDORA | Red stepping stones

After that, the four of us played some Super Mario Bros U on the Wii U. We only played a few levels, because then we had to get ready.

We spent the rest of the day at my parents house. My sister and her husband came over as well. We took a trip to the local mini golf course, then my parents ordered food to take home from the Italian restaurant near their home. We all sat and ate together, which was very nice. Then we played a board game called Logos. It's actually really fun! Then of course dessert time.... apple pie, a chocolate cake, cookies, ice cream-- ridic!

 photo IMG_4210jpg_zpsf3369deb.jpg
The only photo I took of Steven and I. Bleh to my face!

 photo IMG_4232jpg_zps289674ab.jpg
My dad with the kids. Delaney is just too funny in this picture, no one told her to do that!

 photo IMG_4211jpg_zps55b837ab.jpg
My mom and I

Came home, put the kids to bed, and watched Survivor: Caramoan season finale followed by Game of Thrones. My day was complete!

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