Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Picture Post, woohoo!

Just a few more days of school for my kids....... June 20 is their last day........ then we can all sleep in till whenever we want and then go outside and enjoy this amazing summer weather NJ has been having. THAT'S what I'm looking forward to!!! Seriously cannot wait!!!!

So lately I've been cleaning my house (spring cleaning much, lol) and have decided to make homemade house cleaners to go along with the cleaning. Chemicals-- gross! Bleach smell-- yuck!! If you're interested in seeing recipes of what I made, follow my Cleaning Tips Pinterest board (it's where I keep everything)

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It started with me wanting to make a Grantite Countertop spray, as those things are expensive in the stores... This one here cost me $0.50 to make (regular spray in the store costs around $7.00). The Multi-purpose cleaner is like Mr. Clean... I use it in the bathrooms, but it can be used in lots of places. Windex is self explaniatory-- I am just okay with the solution I made though, there's another recipe out there I will probably try next. I made Pledge yesterday, since I was finally getting around to dusting. My Febreeze solution doesn't have the greatest of smell (the Dollar Tree's fabric softener smell is just alright) but it does it's job lol.

Anyway, that's one of the reasons why I've been too busy to blog.......

The family drama has calmed down thus far.... but I know more drama is lurking in the shadows... I can feel it. But it's not gonna stop me from living my life and enjoying the summer *happy face*

So to keep my post on a positive note, I have some photos to share..... Who doesn't love photos, am I right?  Enjoy!

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We celebrated my husband's birthday by going to a Dave Matthews Band concert on his actual birth date. It was a great show!

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The next night the kids and I took him out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, since we're big on doing a family birthday party together.

 photo IMG_2325_zpsdadd42e8.jpg
My goddaughter Sophia was christened this weekend.

 photo IMG_2337_zps7170daa1.jpg
My bestie/the mother Sharon, Sophia, and my brother in law Ken just outside of church.

That's all I got. Now to catch up with everyone via Bloglovin', haha!

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