Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mini Golf Tournament 2013

Every year my husband and I run a Mini Golf Tournament amongst our friends and family. We have a men's division as well as a woman's. We have trophies too.... we like to gloat and show off for an entire year, lol. We're all so competitive, but we have a lot of fun!

These photos are from last year's awards ceremony, because we all know that I won it for the woman's division last year, haha!
 photo PuttPirateMGT_1_zpsb0f45f80.jpg

 photo PuttPirateMGT_zpse1d1622a.jpg

I get to keep the frame with the certificate that has my full name on it, along with the pink ball figurine trophy.

The big trophy and the crown get passed down to whoever is champion each year.

Every year we go to a different golf course, so no one has an advantage of having played the course already. And this year the tournamet is called "The Fore Play Summer Classic".... get it?? LOL!

I have no doubt that I'll do amazing this year as well! Wish me luck though!!!!!!

P.S. I won in 2013