Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Trauma Revealed

Okay Geeksters, I didn't mean to scare the crap out of anyone with my post the other day.... I can finally let you all know about the traumatic experience I went through the day after the Fourth.....

My husband and I have been staying at my parents house for over a week now. It's our normal summertime routine. We also invite our friends to come over and hang in the yard.... just typical summer stuff, ya know. My husband's busiest time of the year at work is the summer, so hanging in my parents yard is what we look forward to.....

So on Friday: Steven, my brother in law Kenny, our good friend Tom and myself were in the pool with the kids, going night swimming (the three of them had got off of work around 6pm). The kids wanted to come in with us and I said it was okay. We ordered pizza then went to swim. Around 9pm I got the kids to get out of the pool... it was late and we had a long day ahead of us the next day so I wanted them in bed. Plus us adults wanted to hang in the pool sans kids, ya know.... My sister was in the house with Kenny's fiancee so they were helping put the kids to bed while the four of us stayed in the pool.

Not even five minutes after the kids got out of the pool
 photo MelissaCamera0705013009_zpsf362ed92.jpg
unedited picture

Now, Kenny and Tom were literally standing right next to where the pool busted. Kenny would of been taken in the undertow, but something caught around his neck and Tom had to help him get it off his neck. Plus, if Kenny was taken with the water he more than likely would of been seriously hurt since the pathway to the pool is full of rocks, stepping stones and wood.

Steven and I weren't as close to that side of the pool as the boys were, so we didn't move.... but I screamed "OH NO", Kenny yelled "HELP ME" and Tom grabbed Kenny and helped him. Steven started to move towards them, but I was just frozen in place.

My parents were at the next door neighbors house, so when the water came out of the pool apparently there was a bang (that I didn't hear) and the water rushed towards the neighbors yard. My parents and the neighbors ran over to help us. Mass chaos sort of.

Then two fight ensued. My sister came running out yelling her head off saying how we horsed around in the pool and caused the pool to break. Like that even makes any sense. I screamed my head off at her because that was 100% not true. I actually told her to "Shut the F up, I will slit your throat", which is so horrible of me to say, but I was seriously shaken up over what just happened, and she wasn't even out there to see what happened.  Then my brother in law felt like he was catching all the blame from my mother and sister for the pool breaking, even though he could of been seriously hurt. These fights have all been resolved. Apologies have been accepted.

After cleaning up the dirt that went everywhere, wood pieces went floating to the front yard and looking for a pair of sandals, we all just went home (well, my family went upstairs lol) and just chilled out. It was like 11:30pm by the time we headed upstairs. No one involved actually really slept though.....

I sort of slept, but like crap..... I was awake by 6am, which is NOT like me (Dude, I love my sleep). I went outside and took more photos.

 photo MelissaCamera0705013023_zps653a5cb0.jpg
unedited picture

 photo MelissaCamera0705013035_zps41f14fd9.jpg
unedited picture
*see how the fence all the way on the right of the picture is busted....*

Just crazy stuff man. I feel better talking about it out loud, ya know. I texted everyone the next morning to see how everyone was and we're all doing okay now. So Thank God.

I'm doing okay now, thanks for asking. It's just so weird that it happened out of nowhere!

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