Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skylanders Day at GameStop

A little back story, if you will........

For Christmas, Steven and I bought our son Skylanders Swap Force. It's the hottest rage with all the kids.... plus we end up playing our own game file after the kids go to bed, hehehe. It's the bomb diggity!

It's a video game that uses figurines. You put the characters (called Skylanders) onto your Portal of Power and they come to life on your TV. Then you use them to go around the levels, collecting coins, treasures and playing mini games. And defeating the evil guy named Kaos of course. It's actually a pretty cool game!!! We HAVE to collect all of said figurines of course, and Santa went bananas looking for them all (that were available at the time. Success!)

We joined the Skylanders Club (it was free, hello!)

Now I'm a PROmember at GameStop and have been for quite some time (can we say DISCOUNTS!!). I also get exclusive email's to let me know about upcoming sales and things like that. On Thursday I got this email from them:

So I thought to myself *Cool, I'll take Dylan and I'm sure they'll have new Skylanders available.*

Oh how wrong I was.

We got their right when the store opened at 10am. Dylan was the third child in line. We walk into the store and there is only a small shelf with Skylanders on it. Normally they have a whole wall dedicated to the figurines. We looked at all the figurines they had in the store and it was pretty obvious that we own them all. We heard a woman ask where the free posters they were supposed to be handing out were and the girl working in the store (the only worker) found them and laid them on the counter. Dylan walked over to check them out and they were small posters with the Skylanders logo on it. He didn't want one since the posters he has on his wall have every single character on display.

We were just very disappointed in the store. They send out emails and make it sound like it's a big to-do to have nothing new on display and only a small section of Skylander items to choose from. It was a serious waste of time. Plus a bummed out nine year old on my hands, uuugggh.........

I was not asked to write this post by anyone or any company, and was not compensated in any way. This is my own opinion on my experience at my local GameStop store.