Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Planning Sucks

My mom is celebrating her thirtieth Mother's Day.

I am celebrating my tenth Mother's Day.

My sister is celebrating her first Mother's Day.

Now, we cannot agree on anything to do. My mother is set in her old fashion ways and insists that we spend the entire day with her. Last year I was so beyond annoyed at how the plans turned out that I looked Steven square in the face and said "NEXT year I'm doing what I want!"  The aggravation level was through the roof.

But I love my mother, so I should see her on Mother's Day, so I digress.

But now, with Mother's Day less than a week away, my sister is making a big uproar about how "there's nothing to do", "it's going to rain", "my first mothers day is ruined", "the gift I want is out of stock" and so on. Yes, of course there is SOMETHING to do, we just have to figure out what makes us all happy.

I'm one of those people who are content with simple stuff on a holiday. I want to be pampered on..... the kids make me breakfast in bed, take a nice hot shower without being interrupted, dress up nice, take some pictures, and then figure out a plan.

I suggested we each do our own thing for most of the day and then meet up for dinner at night. Both of them gave me the 'are you out of your mind' look. It's 2014 people, and besides my birthday this is the only other holiday where people show ME the love. I'm selfish about these two holidays. And I'll be damned if I let my mom or sister ruin it, AGAIN!!!!

What are you all doing on Mother's Day this year?  I need ideas. And fast!