Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girls Day: New York City

What a fun weekend I had. A significant change from my usual boring weekend.

I had decided when Delaney was about three years old, that when she was seven I'd take her to NYC and buy her an American Girl doll. I had gotten a AG doll for Christmas way back when I was 12 years old (in 1995 when the line of American Girls of Today line first came out). By far the best gift I ever received. Now four years later, my wish for Delaney has come true.

My mother wanted in on the fun, so we both took Delaney into the city via the train (which she was ridiculously excited about lol), and we shopped it up like tourists are known for. First stop, American Girl Store, of course!

We also hit up Bryant Park & The New York Public Library (we were supposed to go to The Girl Scouts of American store but they are closed on the weekends o.O ). Then dinner was Delaney's choice and she wanted to go to IHOP back near my mom's house. Does that ruin the NYC experience a little bit? Probably, but I was okay with it, I was tired from all the walking we did. Win win for everyone, lol.

Tyrion broke in on Girls Day. Delaney wasn't even mad

My pictures aren't fantastic.... I was more living in the moment of the day, rather than focusing on the pictures I was or wasn't taking. We did had a wonderful day!!