Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Klout and Stitch Fix Hooked Me Up

Stitch Fix

Back in February, through Klout Perks, I received a $20 promo code to a website called StitchFix.com . I honestly never heard of the website, since I am NOT fashion forward in the slightest. So I went to the page, and I found out what its's all about!

You tell them all about yourself and your clothing choices via a survey type thing, and they mail you clothing items/outfits/accessories they think you'd want to buy. Try them on in the convenience of your own home to see if you like them (they give you a three day grace period)... mail back what you hate, keep and pay for what you like. Sounds fun!  You can even choose WHEN you want the fix mailed to you. I chose in the summertime, because summer is so much more freeing when it comes to clothing :)
[more info about how it all works can be found here]

I went through the whole crazy survey thing and they mailed me a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a pink shirt, a green patterned blouse, a black maxi skirt and a gray jacket.

I tried everything on and hated everything they mailed. Nothing was for me. And nothing was in my price range either. I did like the maxi skirt and the pink top was so smooth and nice feeling..... but alas, I didn't keep anything.

I opened the box and saw this. They wrapped it up so nice!

This came in the box. A guide to show you what they sent
and a bill (so you know how much everything cost)

Jeans wouldn't zip up.


So I couldn't roll the sleeve up my arm anymore than this. I couldn't straighten out my arm. I had to unhook the button (shown), roll the fabric down my arm, unbutton the button that was at the wrist, then roll the sleeve back up to have it fit me.
And I honestly don't have big arms (they are long, but not thick)

They asked for feedback on their website. Here are some of the things I put:

Skinny Jeans: Didn't fit-- too small in the waist. Length was fine.
Split Neck Tab Sleeve Knit Top: The sleeve was too small, width wise, and would not go up my arm unless I unbuttoned the sleeve, rolled it down, unbuttoned the wrist and rolled it back up. I liked the material of the shirt.
Print Blouse: Not something I would wear. Didn't like the pattern either.

I know the whole process is hit or miss right off the bat, and that I'm not guaranteed a perfect box. It happens. I just know that I will probably never use this company again.

I give my honest opinion about products I try out, good or bad.