Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Small Catch Up

Almost a month since I posted. Lets see..........

My daughter is very into Girl Scouts. I am the 'cookie mom', so I was designated to be in charge of all the Girl Scout cookies the troop ordered. It's a tiring process, actually. She also had a booth sale (where she stands in front of a store selling cookies) and it went well, for our first one.

Soccer is starting back up for my son. We got him a personal trainer for Christmas, and those sessions have been indoors for a few weeks now. He is loving it!! His travel team will start practicing very soon, as the weather has warmed up by 30 degrees and melted the two feet of snow we had gotten this past winter, haha!

Been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I liked the first two seasons.... then after that I just think it's okay. But I can't leave a series unfinished. It's not in my nature.

I am still playing Destiny on Playstation 4.

Still married, lol. That part of life is very well :)  We didn't do 'real' presents for Valentine's Day, but he made a "Date Jar" with small date ideas in it.... which I thought was super ultra sweet!!!

I am enjoying today by having the windows cracked open to let the cool air in, and reading a new book..... it's from the new Piercing the Veil series, called Intangible, by C.A. Gray. It was a recommend on Facebook because I love Harry Potter. So far (I'm only on chapter 3), so good.

And you can always find me on Instagram if you're missing hearing from me, lol.

Mel out.