Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Productive Weekend Here

Steven had had this plan to build a vegetable garden in our yard for years. Due to us having dogs (before they passed away) we didn't think it would work out *cuz HELLO, they'd eat them when we weren't looking lol*.  Then this past summer Steven's grandmother passed away, and she was an advid gardener, so I think between that and not having the dogs anymore, that really made him put his plans into action!!

And my husband goes big or goes home, people. Let me tell you! He saw this picture of a raised vegetable garden on Facebook and he wanted to build it. I'm the wife that says "Sure honey, anything you want, honey", knowing full well he's absolutely nuts!

But anyway, we woke up Saturday morning and he went to Home Depot to get the supplies. TWOOOO hours later, he arrived home with a car full of wood. I helped him hold the wood while he measured and cut it. Then I helped him put it together. We were trucking along, until the power drill battery started to die out. By then it was 4pm.... can we say DONE!  Dinner and a family movie night happened. So did going to bed early!

Daylight Savings Time made us miss church (TOTAL bummer!). We got up, he ran to Home Depot because we were short a little bit of wood and he wanted to stock up on more supplies, just in case. He was on there for an hour this time, haha!  Then it started to rain. But we stayed the course and built what we could, before being too exhausted to do any more.  We came in, I made dinner, we ate as a family, then we all played a board game before having another family movie night. Went to bed a little later than we should of, but I'm the cool mom like that!

 photo VegGarden1_zpsqnf8dh7e.jpg

I can only share one photo, as the project isn't complete, and I was pretty much sworn to secrecy by Steven (no mention of this project on Facebook please) because he wants to do a big reveal when it's all complete. I, on the otherhand, couldn't wait to share it on my blog.

He has to finish putting up the wood frame edges in the back. Then he has to add chicken wire in the squares (to keep the animals out of course). The back part is taller because the veggies we plan to grow are on vines and grow upwards, lol.

The weekend was very productive and I am really excited about this vegetable garden!

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