Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shaking it up in Harlem

My husband, in his infinite wisdom, thought it'd be hilarious to show our children a Harlem Shake video on YouTube a few weeks back. They thought it was the greatest thing since slice bread, dancing to the music while watching countless Harlem Shake tagged videos. Priceless!  One of the kids pipped up and said, "Maybe we could make a video". Well, we Googled on how to make the video, got some family members to help participate and worked it out. I did pretty well for a first time movie maker, I might add. *High fives myself*

Without furter ado, I present to you, OUR HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO!

My son is in the astronaut helmet. My daughter is on the floor playing a board game with my future sister in law. Far left, my husband is on the couch playing a video game with his brother. My parents are holding my goddaughter. My other brother in law (my sister's husband) is playing the iPad on the end of the couch. And I'm at the computer.

Can you guess who dressed up as who?

I'll give you a minute....................

My son is the astronaut. My daughter is Iron Man. My future sister in law is doing the robot on the couch. My husband is the gorilla. My brother in law is wearing a bra and creepy hair face mask. My mom put on a long black wig and is jumping on the couch in the background. My dad is wearing a wolf mask. My sister's husband is Father Time. And I'm the Easter Bunny!   We can't forget about Bones though... he the skeleton sitting on the couch playing the iPad (right behind me).

Fantastic fun for the whole family! Everyone cracked up after we showed them the finish product.

Did you jump on the Harlem Shake banwagon?