Monday, April 1, 2013

Game of Thrones, Season 3

I've been counting down the days since I heard about it's return... and the day has finally arrived.

GAME OF THRONES Season 3 started up last night *Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!*

I could hardly contain myself I was so excited. I kicked my family out early enough after Easter dinner so that I could have the kids in bed sleeping and me cuddled up with the husband to watch our show.

 photo GOT1_zpsfadf2f7e.jpg

The first episode did not dissappoint. Lots of recapping, to refresh everyone's memory... but some new stuff going on too, which was cool. I am already excited for next week's episode.......

Do you watch?

Note: I did not read the book series, so I have no spoiler alerts.
It's all brand new to me every week. And I like it that way!