Friday, October 11, 2013

Geeky Working Girl?

So this Geek has a job interview this afternoon. Back the truck up a minute here...... A JOB INTERVIEW?!?!?! Yes Geeksters, like a legit real job interview.

Let me explain.....

I was at a Women's Bible Conference last week, just doing my thing. Before the conference started a woman got up and said that Harvey Cedars was looking for part-time help with light housekeeping. Something in me told me to just take the leap and fill out an application.

*Note: I'm a stay at home mom, and have been for like 10 years now. My husband suggested I go and get a job once both the kids were in school. He hasn't cracked the whip on that yet so I'll admit that I haven't been out there scoping the job scene*

Anyway, I filled out the short application after the conference. But so did at least 12 other women....

On Tuesday I got a phone call telling me that job was a part-time off-season seasonal house cleaning help, and if I was still interested they'd like to set up an interview with me for Friday (today). *Off-season, as the town the conference center is in is considered a beach/tourist town*

Oh hey! At the conference they were taking a video to put up on their website. I can be seen at timestamp 29:12, sitting against the wall under the picture with a blue striped sweater on.....

Yep, that makes me famous. LOL!

So while you are reading this I'm more than likely sitting across from someone, sweating like a pig, nervous as  all hell because I haven't been on an interview or worked a "real" job since the year 2003. It's only supposed to be a short fifteen minute interview I was told, so send me good vibes please.

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