Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving / Decorating 2013

Every year, on Mischief Night, our family decorates or carves pumpkins. My husband usually carves, while I normally paint (something about touching squishy soft insides of a pumpkin absolutely GROSSES me the hell out!!!!). I make the kids paint theirs, but this year Steven said they were old enough to carve and since they wanted to he let them.

So, in all my geeky glory, this is the pumpkin I painted.....

My Harry Potter painted pumpkin photo 1397176_10202164488454362_295364877_o.jpg
Harry Potter symbol

The H photo 1400644_10202164488414361_587555797_o.jpg
The H

The P photo 1398660_10202164488374360_1094747664_o.jpg
The P

The Deathly Hallows photo 1403770_10202164488494363_1996467553_o.jpg
The Deathly Hallows symbol

It goes with my costume........... but you my fellow Geeksters will have to wait till tomorrow for that post!!

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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