Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

Hello Geeksters! It's been awhile......... still kinda getting over the crazy holiday shenanigans, and another holiday is right around the corner..... it's never ending. Kinda like the laundry in the house, hahahaha.

Anyway! We honestly don't do anything spectacular for New Years Eve. Steven doesn't really think it's a "big-deal" holiday.... and I kind of agree with him. My brother in law, his wife and baby are gonna come over later tonigiht to just hang out at the house and wait for the ball to drop. I'm sure board games and video games will commense..... that's how we do! Once the ball drops the kids go on the lawn, bang pots for a few minutes, then come inside and go to bed. Then we go to bed. Nothing fancy, lol.

I saw a few pictures floating around Facebook and I wanted to share (sorry, I'm currently having issues sourcing them)

 photo NYEBook_zpsb8f3e8ff.jpg

 photo NYETardis_zps219a13a1.jpg

How are you spending the last day of 2013?

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