Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year-- 2014 Has Started!!!

This post never actually posted yesterday like it was supposed to, booooo......... 

It's twenty fourteen. The new year is upon us. I don't usually make resolutions (or the new word going around... goals) for my life. I'm sure I should, but I just don't. I take it one day at a time, and appreciate the things I have. I'm a simple girl. Geeky and simple.

Of course, some news:  I've said it a thousand times already I'm sure of it, but I'm going to sit back and reflect on some things that went on with my blog here, and change things up a bit. I've had some ideas brewing for some time now..... and I want to put them into place, but not rush it, or force it upon my readers. Good ideas need time to get awesome, in my book, lol. And a new layout is coming, as well. It's most definitely needed!  Expect all my changes to take effect come Februrary (uuuggghhhhhh, that's so far away, Melissa! Why do we have to wait that long?) Greatness comes to those who wait, Geeksters.

FYI: I'll still be posting while my changes are commensing. I guess I do have a Blogger Goal: to post more often. And better. Oh, and to comment back to people (which I know I have slacked on BIG TIME and I apologize to all those who have commented on posts. I've read them I promise!)