Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Surgery Day Was Yesterday

Blogger ate the post I had set up for this yesterday morning. I had it set up for over a week and everything. NOT happy!!

Yesterday Steven had ACL surgery. We got to the surgery center at 9am. They took him back to pre-op at 9:08am. The surgeon was running 45 minutes behind (but I didn't find that out until 12:30pm when I asked how he was doing). They gave him lots of pain meds so he was sleeping like a pro. I FINALLY got to go back to the recovery room at 3:52pm (the front desk nurse was like "No one has come up here for you?" And I was like "Nope!" She made a phone call and everything moved right along from there, lol). I didn't get him home until 5:30pm (it was a long drive).

He took one pain med (with side effects of drowsiness) and then since he didn't fall asleep he took two pills of another pain med he was given, and he STILL didn't sleep last night.

We are just hanging in the living room today.... he's stuck on the couch for at least two weeks. I'm trying to get him to choose a TV series on Netflix we can watch, since he's gonna be laid up, might as well get into a show am I right or am I right........... Suggestions?