Friday, January 24, 2014

Time For Twitter #FF #SITSBlogging

Good morning Geeksters! It's Friday, woooohooooo!!!!!!

I joined up on this tribe thing through The SITS Girls (have you heard of it?). It's actually super cool, because we are getting to know other bloggers in our group (we were grouped through our 'niches').... and getting to know more bloggers is the name of the game, ya know what I'm saying.

Today is the Time For Twitter challenge-- Follow all your Tribe members on Twitter.

Easy peasy!

So to all my Tribe members, follow me on Twitter here --  Geek2Me27

If you're NOT a Tribe member, but aren't following me on Twitter as of right now, you might as well follow me now, since my link is hanging out there and all.

If you ARE already following me, here's an internet cookie for you to enjoy.

I'm sort of a Twitter noob but I try my best to use. It's not my social media platform of choice, but practice makes perfect so I'm trying to be more active on it..... And I do hashtag a lot, so excuse that.

Not related to Twitter, but related to the tribe-- I started a thread on the SITSGirl fourm, so check it? LOL!