Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Holiday And Weekend Recap

Geeksters, I'm sorry... I left you all hanging on the Valentine plans I didn't set up in a timely fashion. It worked out beautifully, no worries!

I had all intention of doing this dinner-and-a-movie thing this one restaurant was offering. But after only being there the week before, and Steven NOT happy with the food he ate, I scratched that idea.... two days before Valentine's Day. NOT a smart movie.

The morning of the holiday, I texted a few people to ask them what their plans were. I got vague "going out to dinner" texts... no one was specific with me. My sister finally got back to me and said "hibachi". I said to myself, *BINGO!!!!* Steven LOVES Hibachi!!! I was joking around with my sister and was texted her "Want to double date?"  She actually thought it was a great idea. See, we've been meaning to hang out just us and our husbands, but it's never worked out because of our schedules. Anyway, we planned to meet at the Hibachi place at 5:15pm.

The kids had off of school, so we went out to lunch to a place of their choosing. My kids chose McDonald's. I can handle that! Then we headed over to the library and picked out some books. After that, we came home and got ready to head north to my parent's house (to babysit of course).

Steven was done with work and met up with me at my parents house. He got me and Delaney a bouquet of flowers that were just beautiful!!! We said bye to the kids and drove to the Hibachi restaurant. When we got there my sister and her husband were waiting for us. We ate and had a very nice time. Dinner was delicious, oh my goodness DELISH!!!!!!! After dinner we went our seperate ways. Steven and I headed to this little coffee shop the next town over. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!

Anyway, after that we came back to my parents house and decided to sleepover since we had to be up in my hometown tomorrow. We threw on a movie and crashed!!

Saturday was my dad's birthday. We had a party at my parents house. Low key.

Sunday was an easy day..... no real plans, which was awesome.

Monday Steven and the kids had off of work/school, so we decided to take them to go see The Lego Movie. I thought this was the second best kid movie I've ever seen in my life (right behind Toy Story 3). It was hilarious! Steven and I laughed out loud at least twenty times. The kids were laughing too. And the ending was great too.  After the movie we took the kids to lunch-dinner. The kids wanted to try out IHOP. They liked it!! Then we came back to the house and played Nintendoland on Wii U. Good stuff right there!!

It was such a great weekend!