Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day: Hopefully NOT A Bust

Okay, so yesterdy was a rough day here in the Geeky household. Not gonna do into details, but I didn't have time or energy to do what I was SUPPOSED to tackle yesterday (Kids had a snow day from school and Steven's work shut down due to the impending snow).

I woke up, wished my family a Happy Valentine's Day, and got Steven off to work. Then I realized something.......

I told Steven we were doing this holiday low key, and he was cool with that. Score! BUUUUUTTTT, I didn't actually plan anything. Am I the only one?  And it's my year to plan (we alternate) so I have to think of something like fast. Hope places take reservations the day of. I'm sure they do, it always works out in the movies, am I right??

Anyway, while Steven is at work and I'm planning something, I get to spend the morning and early afternoon with my two kiddos. We haven't had time just the three of us in awhile, ya know, because they go to school. I'm sure crafttime will take place before we have to pack for Nana's house.

What are your Valentine's Day plans??