Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

It's no secret that we're big NEW YORK JETS fans here in the Geeky household. But we're also into football as well (we run/play a league in Fantasy Football (I won this year woohoo!!!))

So today is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!

Lets hope the commercials are better than last years. I know that one was going around Facebook with a horse and a puppy. I refused to watch it ahead of time. I want to see it during the game!! P.S. Steven said it was adorable and he now wants a puppy, haha.

Steven and Dylan are rooting for the Broncos. Delaney was rooting for the Seahawks. I figured I should root for the Seahawks with her, so she doesn't feel left out. So I throw on a green tee and then ask her if she wants me to grab her a green shirt and she says "No, I'm rooting for the Broncos". Like really child??? I'm already dressed so..... green tee it is, haha!

Get ya game on, Geeksters!!!!