Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The A's to your Q's

Good morning Geeksters! Tuesday morning was NOT fantastic (for personal reasons) on top of my daughter coming down with a fever and vomit (she stayed home from school) so I honestly neglected blogging for the day on purpose. It happens.

Sorry not sorry, my Geeksters! LOL! 

But I'm here now to answer the questions you've so nicely asked me. Lets jump right in!

Kimberly from Kim's Klutter asked: how did you get all your social media buttons on a single row in your sidebar?
I googled for buttons. Pasted those codes in the layout section on blogger. Tweeked the code to link back to my specific social media page. I also adjusted the size of the right side bar of my blog, so they'd all fit nicely on one line. OCD much? Yes!

Phil from Regular NYC Guy asked: What do you procrastinate about the most?
LAUNDRY!!!!!! Doing laundry just about kills me. I have no problem throwing it into the washer. After the buzzer goes off that it's time to move the clothes to the dryer I dread it. I usually do it anyway though. I throw another load into the washer. But then once the dryer buzzes I hit the "wrinkle" button so it keeps the clothes in there to unwrinkle.... aka *I'm not ready to fold the clothes yet.* I honestly keep the laundry in there ridiculously longer than it needs to be. The act of folding clothes and putting them away is something I LOATHE with a passion.
I probably should teach my minions to do it huh? Muhahahahahahaha.

Jen from The Adventures of Our Army Life said: What is your biggest fear?
The fear of losing a child is the first thing that comes to mind. And not just to death (because I can't even wrap my head around losing a child to death), but to like drugs, addictions, or if we get in a fight and they never want to speak to me again. Family is EVERYTHING to me. I cherish it!

Mary from Brown, Party of Chaos asked: What was your favorite video game when you were young?
Super Mario Bros 3 for NES. That bitch was on pause from 8am until after I finished my homework, then back to it. They really should of invented Save Points much sooner. I also had a Game Genie on that bad boy, so I could float above the levels and I started off wearing a Raccoon suit. I'm awesome!!

April from If You Want It Done Right asked: What is your favorite thing to do when nothing 'needs' done? What do you hope to accomplish this year? Name 3 things that are currently on your wishlist.
My favorite thing to do when nothing 'needs' to be done is to watch an entire season of a show on Netflix. I choose a show I want to watch and pretty much watch the whole thing all day.
I hope to accomplish getting a job this year. I'd prefer for it to be at home, but that hasn't been successful in years so I need to find one outside the home. Bummercakes.

Wishlist-- 1.   2. Move out of NJ.  3. 

Thanks for all who participated. I'm working on some posts for le blog here, but I'm still fighting with this horrid writers block. It just WON'T go away! Ugh!!!  The posts will work themselves out, slowly but surely.

Until next time.... I'm off to take care of my sick little girl.