Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hello Geeksters!

I had a busy weekend, sort f, which is just what we, my family, needs!

Saturday we took the kids to a place called iPlay America. It's advertised as an indoor theme park. I always treat it as a video arcade place with some rides and games in the back, lol. We normally only play the arcade stuff there, so that's why I refer to it as such. The kids had a blast, and of course I did too! I got the kids involved in my favorite addicting game there, called Wizard of Oz. You shoot coins onto the tray that's moving back and forward, to push other coins forward and hopefully drop chips and playing cards off the front of the tray and out of the machine (into your hands). Kinda hard to explain unless you see it:

Ya see, you want to collect those cards and colored chips. Getting a set earns you a boatload of tickets! And who doesn't like tickets at an arcade place, haha. Literally spent over an hour the four of us playing this game, lmao!!!

After iPlay America, we drove to Cracker Barrel to have dinner with my brother in law, his wife and their baby girl. It was a good time. Plus, Cracker Barrel is delicious!!! After dinner my inlaws wanted to drive home, while we were prepared to go out afterwards..... but it's the winter, where the hell can you go at 7 o'clock at night that's indoors? They ended up going home and we ended up picking up drivethrough DQ ice cream for us. We had a nice drive home just chatting with the kids about silly kid stuff. Good times all around!

Woke up on Sunday and headed to church. After church we came home and just hung around the living room. We watched Olympics. We watched Impratical Jokers (my son LOVES that show!). We played card games with the kids. We also played three board games. Then after the kids went to bed Steven and I played Skylanders: Swap Force together. A nice relaxing day and a fun, quiet evening. A perfect Sunday in my opinion.

And how was your weekend?