Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bitchin' Tuesday

On my personal Facebook page, I'm friends with an array of people. Mostly family, a whole bunch of friends, and some people I put into the "acquaintance" catergory. You know, those people who you met only online (you don't know them personally in everyday life).

I have a bunch of acquaintance people on Facebook-- I found them online eons ago when I was a brand new 20something mom with no real life friends. Those people were new mom's too, so we made a bond (via chatroom forum or a blog).

I honestly don't unfriend people (that often) because I don't want to turn on Facebook and see a message waiting for me that says "Hey, why did you unfriend me?" because the answer honestly is "Because I wanted to." It's my page, I'll do what I want.

There are a few acquaintence people who just scroll through their facebook feed, see something on my page that's interesting or like just a picture of my kids, and they like it and scroll on. BUT NEVER COMMENT ON ANYTHING!!!

I did that LifeLoop thing that was floating around, where it showed who was most active on your Facebook page (commenting, liking, tagged in pictures, ect)... and my top THREE people where acquaintances who literally probably "liked" EVERY status I've ever posted. They beat out my family members for activity on my page. Like what now?!?!?!?!?

I just find the whole thing ridiculous. And I'm about THIS far away from unfriending those two or three people. Fo' realz.

That's my bitch rant for the day......