Saturday, March 15, 2014

No Electronics Needed

Geeksters, heads up. If you haven't noticed, through my social media...... I haven't really been on the internet this past week. And that's by choice.

I've realized that life is too short and I'm wasting it away staring at electronics (computers, ipads, iphones, video game consoles, ect). My kids are getting sucked in, and just ugh. They need to be KIDS-- running around outside, doing kid stuff.

I obviously talk on the phone when someone calls me, or I need to make a call. I check my email when it dings.... but that's about it. I use my iPad to play the few games I do play, but only after I get the kids on the bus (and I give myself a time limit of 30-45 minutes). The next time I touch the iPad is after the kids are going to bed... and again, only playing those few games for about an hour. I've just mentally curbed myself, without saying it to anyone, and it's really working out.

My husband just quit playing all the iPad games he's involved with, cold turkey. THAT I cannot do. (P.S. I did see him on Friday ngiht click one game and play it for a hot minute but then just turned it off).

Spring is almost here (it's 65 degrees in NJ today) and I'm not wasting another minute of it!