Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It Is Just A Number, Not Who I Am

Spring weather is starting to show up here in New Jersey... which means summertime is around the corner.

Yesterday I got dressed in my usual jeans and tee. I thought I looked good! Went about my day and all of that. Then at nighttime I took off my jeans and threw on comfy sweats. Then I just felt FAT right before heading to bed. I decided to jump (not literally) on the scale *which I haven't done in almost a year* and was appalled at the number staring back at me. I don't focus on a number normally, I just go by how my clothes fit and how I feel physically.... but damn Geeksters, I gained TEN pounds since the last time I weighed.

I plan to get my butt in gear, and eat better (like I was doing for the longest time). I also should commit to myself that I will force myself to exercise during the day. I mean, I'm home 90% of the time, I KNOW I can fit it into my day.

I played soccer all my life, but hate going for a run. Weird huh?  I like doing Yoga (I used to go to a class wayyyyyyyyyy back in the day, and did Yoga on WiiFit lol). Will that help me lose weight?

Nikki, you're all over this huh? Love ya girl!