Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A: April Fool's Day

My mother in law sent Steven a link last week, on fun pranks to play on your kids on April Fool's Day. Some were ehhhhh, but some were fantastic! We did a few on the kids and it turned out hilarious!

OF COURSE-- 7am is the perfect time to have your camera ready to take pictures.

We put them to bed on March 31, in their own bed of course.... they woke up the next morning in their siblings bed. I put a sign on the back of the door that said "APRIL FOOLS! Love, Mom & Dad". They thought it was funny.

The frozen cereal with milk bowl wasn't funny to them though....... I thought it was funny.

And Steven put toilet paper in the toes of their shoes before he walked out the door...... I thought it was ehhhhhhhhhhhh. The kids were not impressed.

Steven wants me to make mash potatos and put it in an ice cream bowl with a cherry on top around dinnertime. And Steven plans to cut out capital letter E's in brown construction paper and tell the kids he made them "brown E's". Now, one or two jokes is funny..... overdoing it isn't funny at all.

Hope everyone has a nice first day of April.