Thursday, April 10, 2014

H Equals Harlem Shake

Oldie but goodie, Geeksters! Last year my family members and I took the time and energy to make a Harlem Shake video (which was all the rage then). My son posted it on his YouTube account (as I don't have one) and I'm gonna share it with all of you today..... because H = Harlem Shake!

I'm at the computer (how fitting) and then I turn into the cosplay Easter Bunny.
Steven is on the couch in the red tee shirt, and then turns into the gorilla.
Dylan has the astronaut helmet on, and then turns into an Astronaut.
Delaney is on the floor playing a board game, and then turns into Iron Man.
(my parents, brother and sister in law, my other brother in law, and my baby neice are also in the video *my sister refused to be in the movie #loser)