Thursday, May 1, 2014

Money Making Melissa

I'm STILL without a job (I've applied to like 6 places and haven't heard back from any of them, even though I keep calling and inquiring) so I'm just trying to trust in His timing. He has a plan for me and I hope it's in the near future, lol.

In the meantime, I've joined a few websites in order to generate some income my way. Because it is TRULY needed at this point in my life. I'm gonna share them here, just incase you or someone you know wants to get involved. No pressure, I promise. Seriously. Yes seriously.

I'm allowing a two hour window a day to working on the websites, to see what I can earn. And I'm keeping track for two months, to see how much I've truly made... and to see if it's worth it in the long run.

Want to join too? Use my referral links to do so!

Swagbucks : I've been Swagging since 2009 so I know this one is great stuff.  It's a search engine. Well, it's more than that really.......... Do searches. Watch videos. Take surveys. All of it gets you points, then you turn those points into gift cards. I use Amazon alllllllllllllllll the freakin' time, so I turn mine in for $5 Amazon Gift Cards. Here is proof!
It wouldn't all fit on one page.
This picture is proof of me receiving $130 in Amazon Gift Cards since 2009.
Cha ching!! 

  <---Use the picture above to follow my sign up link
Inbox Dollars : Surveys and reading emails they send gets you cash! Real easy. I'm familiar with this one, but never actually cashed out yet. Probably the best one I've encountered so far.

MintVine : Take surveys and earn points. Points turn into cash. Brand new to this site!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes : Take a three question questionaire to get tickets & coins. Turn those in for a chance to win $50 at the drawing. Drawing happens every day.  I'm new to this site, as well. Not too sure how I feel about it though.....

Ebates : Buy things online and get a percentage back. They mail checks out quarterly. I've heard about this before, and my local friend uses it and she loves it.... so I just signed up the other day. You go to their website, then click on the site you want to shop at, do your shopping and it credits your Ebates account within a few days (You must go through Ebates in order for it to work). I wanted to try and see if it worked.... sure enough I earned back $3.16 from, haha.  And I shop online a lot around Christmastime, so I can see this working in my favor!

I'll report back on how I am doing in two months. #moneymakermelissa

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