Monday, June 30, 2014

On A Mini Vaca... Sorta

Every summer, for the first week in July, we stay at my parents house, for about a week. Steven works crazy hours the week before, and the kids have summer camp the first week of....... and it's right around the corner from my moms place. Plus my parents got a new pool this year [here's why]  Win, win for everyone. Until my mother drives me up the wall. And yes, I said that with a straight face.

I say it every year and this year is no different........ my blog takes a back seat come Summertime. Sorry not sorry. Okay, I am a little sorry, because I do miss it, and miss my blogging pals.

You can still keep up with me on Twitter & Instagram because I post all the time. And an email to say hey is always nice.

Hope everyone's summer is starting off great!