Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some Good News!!

This was written on June 19

Jessica (my only sister) called me this morning, making me swear up and down that I won't tell a soul what she's about to tell me. Without hesitation I said, "You're pregnant?" and she said, "Yes" and then I said, "Seriously?" and she said, "Yes", in which I replied with ".....Seriously?" and she said, "Yes!!!!"...... and then I got all giddy and jumped for joy!!! I'm so happy for her.... and her husband too, of course, lol.

Jessica's children will be 18 months apart (she has a 9 months old already), which is cool because my sister and I are 21 months apart..... and we got along mostly well while growing up. And we are closer than ever now that we are adults.

Such an exciting time for our family!!!

My niece or nephew is due on February 19

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