Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You Can Benefit From The Geek

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Here are some things you can do for me, to benefit yourself, and keep both of us happy:

I changed my email address, so put it in your Contacts--

I have 27 followers of my blog.

I currently have 174 Twitter followers. Are you one of them?

I made a Facebook page for The Geek, with 25 Likes. Like me!

I am on Klout. Want to give me some?   my Klout score = 55

I started up a Bloglovin account. Are you following me yet?

I use Instagram and have 226 followers  Follow @itsallgeektome27 to see all my pics!

I'm a whore on Pinterest (964 followers, woop woop). Check me out!

And last not but not least, I'm on GoodReads. If you read books, this is the place to be!