Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Doctor Who

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Okay, cue in the Whovians..... where are you guys?

I just started Season 4 (thank you to a friend letting me borrow her Netflix thing) and I'm totally hooked. You don't have to say David Tennant to my twice. He's amazing. And delish looking!

Plus I have to drop a Harry Potter reference when possible

Yep, same guy.  Anyway!!!

Some mini-spoilers if you're not up to where I am in the show: I thought I wasn't going to miss Rose.... she kinda annoyed me a tad in the beginning. Now after seeing two more companions, I SERIOUSLY miss Rose so much it's not even funny. Martha just didn't do it for me. The doctor shows up and just takes her along after knowing her like 5 minutes. Pa-lease. And this "Runaway Bride" woman (Donna) drives me up a wall. Yea I got a little emotional when she got emotional when she heard the Ood Song, but still.......... go back home please... and take your annoying voice with you. Thankyouverymuch.

*side note: i am almost finished with season 4........ and donna grew on me. and i miss her!*

Any Whovians out there want to discuss?

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