Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The NYC Wedding I Attended

Steven and I attended his coworkers wedding at this posh place called New York Athletic Club in New York City. It's right next to Central Park. Can we say Ah-mazing!!!!!  This geek hasn't been to NYC in a long time now (like 10 years at least), and I've only been inside Central Park once (okay twice. I cut through the park to get to The Museum of Natural History lol).  We had a limo pick all of us up (all of his cowokers came in the limo with us) and take us to the wedding (and it took us home of course). We had such a great time!!!  ANNNNND someone Steven knew at the party was saying goodbye to him and referred to me as his girlfriend (FYI we'll be married nine years this November).... LMAO just too funny!!

Got a few pictures. The lighting inside was terrible, so these are all I have.

 photo IMG_2266_1jpg_zps96811f6a.jpg

 photo IMG_2275_1jpg_zps848ac0f3.jpg

 photo IMG_2265jpg_zps9b18d252.jpg

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