Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Club Friday

I've signed myself up for my local Summer Reading Program at the library, and I'm also doing the Semi-Charmed Life Book Challenge via Megan's blog!!

So here's what I've read lately.....

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From GoodReads:
A walk down the aisle, a resort hotel, a drink on the beach...for these unlucky couples, the honeymoon's over. 
A newlywed couple steps into the sauna in their deluxe honeymoon suite--and never steps out again. When another couple is killed while boarding their honeymoon flight to Rome, it becomes clear that someone is targeting honeymooners, and it's anyone's guess which happy couple is next on the list.

FBI Agent John O'Hara is deep into solving the case, while Special Agent Sarah Brubaker is hunting another ingenious serial killer, whose victims all have one chilling thing in common.

As wedding hysteria rises to a frightening new level, John and Sarah work ever more closely together in a frantic attempt to decipher the logic behind two rampages. SECOND HONEYMOON is James Patterson's most mesmerizing, most exciting, and most surprising thriller ever.

To me, this is not as good as the first one (which is my absolute favorite James Patterson book). This has two stories going on at the same time.... which is fine, but I feel like the one story was like force ended. Maybe that means I didn't see it coming, but I don't know.... Four stars ;-) 

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From GoodReads:
Alana MacGregor craves excitement, but when her sometimes lover dumps her at a popular sex club, she wonders if she’s outgrown her live-fast-and-recover-later lifestyle. The last thing she expects is to run into the nerdy guy she rebuffed in high school—or for him to rock her world in ways no other man ever has.

Hot on the trail of a story, Carter Nicholas can’t believe his luck at encountering the one woman he’s never forgotten. He’s come a long way from being a wall-hugging geek. Now he gets all A’s between the sheets. But can he convince Alana he’s her sure ticket to an unforgettable night—and maybe much more?

Okay, so I'm not too far into this one at all (I just started it as part of the #SCSBC13 challenge) and I'm already one sex scene down.... and it was good. It's more smutty than Fifty Shades, I'll give it that. Definitely a mature book for people who don't mind reading about real sex. It's only 51 pages long so I will be done with it real soon, lol.

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