Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Remember how I said I've been playing soccer since I was 5 and how much I love soccer, and how it's a huge part of my life. Might have to turn it down a notch.............

Apparently I'm not a teenager anymore...... I don't bounce back like I used to, and I think I might of really done some damage to myself on Sunday.

 photo 972299_10201507332385871_1414970566_n_zps763ae78e.jpg
Notice the burn on my right knee and swollen left leg (near the blood and scratch marks)

 photo 533880_10201506185077189_139842819_n_zps3758ee62.jpg
Burned like a bitch man. A&D Ointment has saved my life, haha!

 photo 995758_10201513295814953_1574335233_n_zpsf18c328b.jpg
Reusable Gel Ice Pack FTW!

So after searching around on Google I have come to the conclusion that I more than likely sprained my ankle. It's bruised and the top of my foot hurts, but I can still walk on it. The swollen leg with the huge knot in it is what is causing me to limp around. Ice is my new best friend, it is realllllllllly helping me out!!!

And since I don't own a laptop I can't update as much on the blog, since I'm supposed to be resting my leg.... yea, like that happens!! #momof2cantrelax

On top of going on vacation real soon... this is gonna be fun!

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