Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Wheat Food Challenge Day Has Arrived

My daughter has her Food Challenge this morning at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She's going to try "wheat" for the first time. Ever since my daughter came home from the hospital it's been a never ending battle with eczema and food allergies. The list was longer when she was younger, but currently she's only allergic to wheat, gluten, eggs and peanuts. At the food challenge, the doctor gives her a very tiny amount of wheat to try and see if she had a reaction. If she doesn't, they give her more.... pretty much to see how much she can tolerate / if she's outgrown the allergy. Seems fairly simple, but we shall see.....

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Her appointment is at 7:30am at the main campus building (that we are normally never at). But since we live across Jersey it's an hour and a half drive for us, on top of work traffic that early in the morning (I'm assuming). And I like to arrive a little early for doctor appointments, just a force of habit..... Sooooooooo we have to be out of the house by 5am.  UUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!

But it's all for her.
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So today please send positive vibes our way. This would be a HUGE life-changer for her... and our family....

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