Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Stuff-- Be Warned

So I had nothing better to do on a Tuesday night, and I went ahead and messed around with my blog layout and header. NOT exactly keen on how it looks right now....... but it was my first time messing around with the whole thing on more-than-basic level.  I plan to get back into the blogging swing now that the cold weather has hit NJ (and is seeming to stay around this time)..... OPINIONS PLEASE?!?!?! Thanks Geeksters!!!!

I love the fall. But, I also turn into a huge hermit. I seriously just stay home and not do a damn thing but watch TV shows, play video games or read......... but after awhile I feel like I'm just tired all day long and like always unmotivated to do simple things like switch the laundry or eat food.

Ooooooo, so I started some Christmas shopping already, which is huge for me. Normally we're scrambling around last minute (I'm seriously talking like buying gifts on Dec 23rd here people) trying to get everything bought, wrapped and under the tree. I only got a few random things for the kids, but it's progress so I'm rolling with it.

Some crappy news though, to switch up my posts vibe...... As I was eating breakfast this morning I broke off a peice of one of my back teeth (the tooth that needs a dreaded root canal anyway). The dentist can't see me until the end of October to fix the dumb thing since they are sooooooooooo busy, so I'm stuck with a weird feeling mouth until then.... well not mouth, but like when my tongue is resting its touching the tooth and it feels akward. Ugh!!! And I'm afraid to eat too, lol.

I should get off my butt and do laundry today. I think I'm gonna actually do it all, so I won't have to do it tomorrow......... Bahahahahahaha, yea clothes are never ending here in the house. Always something to wash, dry, fold and put away.

Snapple Apple is my favorite Snapple drink. I'm having some right now....

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