Saturday, November 30, 2013

Liebster Award

Hey Geeksters! I found out that I was nominated for the Leibster Award (by Mary of Brown, Party of Chaos). I have to talk about myself and then answer some questions. It could be.... interesting, I guess, haha!

Eleven Facts About Me--

1. I'm definitely an introvert. And very misunderstood by the people who do not know me. I do not like going out and being social. I'm perfectly content with staying home and entertaining myself all day long. I actually prefer to be alone all day (husband goes to work, the kids go to school and I'm alone from 8:35am until 3:42pm-- it's awesome!). But when I'm with friends I am outgoing and fun and I always have a great time. People look at me and always assume I have on a "mad face", but that's my "resting face". I don't contribute to a conversation unless I have something worth saying. I'll sit and listen for hours without saying a word. And I swear I'm actually paying attention to you.

2. I like Harry Potter, like a lot. My mother bought me the first book on a whim. She saw an akward boy flying on a broom stick on the cover and it screamed "Melissa" to her so she picked it up. She gave it to me in my Easter basket that year (1998). I read it and was hooked!! We grew up together, Harry and I, and that is why he and his story will always have a special place in my heart. I've visited the theme park twice and it takes my breathe away every time. #butterbeersFTW

3. So I, like, met this guy in the summer, and like, he's totally cute *twirls hair*. I was 20 years old. He asked me to be his girlfriend in the middle of August of 2003. At the end of September 2003 I had the privledge of telling this guy I barely knew that we were to have a child together. He was excited so it made me excited. I got engaged April 23 2004 and then had that baby (a boy) a few days later (prematurely). I was then married November 2004. We had another (slightly premature) child together in June 2007 (a girl).  Then we moved out of my parents house in Februrary 2008. That's how my little family came to be. That is NOT the story told to most people, not out of shame, but to protect ourselves from harsh narrow-minded thinkers who choose to have negative opinions. I had a baby out of love and I married for love. If it wasn't for love, would we still be married NINE years later? Exactly.

4. I collect elephant figurines. I probably have around 20. I also collect Hummel Figurines. I have a good amount of them too (but most were gifted to me by my aunt). I have a Christmas village we put up every year and the houses are made by Hummel.  (I'm Italian and appreciate German things, lol).

5. I have three tattoos. I am not proud of any of them. I would like to get two more, one with my kids names and one symbolizing my marriage (don't want to put his name, but maybe his initial... not sure yet). Haven't done it yet because I don't know exactly what I want, it costs a lot to get a tattoo done, and my husband is actually against tattoos. It's a hard pitch to sell.

6. If Keanu Reeves were to knock on my front door and want to whisk me away with him, I'd leave my life behind for him. A note with my whereabouts would be left at my home, and I'd bring a cell charger so my family could get in touch with me. My husband is aware of this notion and has agreed to let me go, if Mr. Reeves does show up. We have a verbal agreement and a handshake confirmation.

7. I was born in SI, NY but only lived there for a hot minute. My parents moved us to Jersey in the late 80s and I've been here ever since.

8. I'm 100% Italian as is my sister. Both my parents are 100% Italian. Both of their parents are 100% Italian. And both of their parents are 100% Italian.The family tree is made of pasta, catching my drift?? Now I married a German man, and my sister married an Irish man. Our kids are not full blooded Italian... we rocked the boat so to speak lol.

9. I love sleep. And I love staying up late.

10. My favorite color is red. I own a lot of red shirts. I also like to get dressed up fancy but of course have no where to wear my fancy clothes to. But funny enough, when I'm home I'm always in PJs and a comfy tee. I don't wear jeans around my house just for the fun of it, hahaha!!!

11. This first section actually took me over two hours to type up. Literally. How come it's so hard to talk about yourself?? Hope my answers inspired you to keep reading my blog!

And the eleven questions from Mary--

1. What kind of teenager were you? I was actually a very depressed, raging mad teenager. Not my best years, Geeksters. They are rarely talked about by me or my family members. Those memories are actually better left buried.....

2. If you could be in any book/movie/show, what one would you choose? And what would your character be like?  I'd probably fit in on Big Bang Theory..... as Penny. Okay, I'm smarter than that, but still..... hanging out with nerds all day-- sign me up!!

3. What kind of ingredients do you like on your salad? Lettuce, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing. The only salad I can tolerate is a Caesar one. I do like cucumbers, but they don't go with....

4. If you could choose any character to portray you in a movie of your life, who would you choose? Why? I'd choose my doppleganger Carrie Ann Moss. And only because she's my doppleganger (I actually don't care for her-- she made out and fell in love with my man Keanu Reeves, so.... I hold a little bit of a grudge *and yes I realize it's a ridiculous grudge*)

5. What is your current favorite song? Don't judge-- "What Does The Fox Say?" is actually on repeat. My kids heard it in school, I googled it and watched the YouTube video. It's so left field bat shit crazy that I'm hooked.

6. How do you take your coffee or tea? In someone else's cup, I guess. I don't drink either.

7. Do you like snacks sweet or savory? Good one, Mares! Savory.

8. Coke or Pepsi? Why? Coke. The real reason is probably all the high frutose corn syrup that is in Coke. Pepsi feels thin to me, like it's missing something. I'll drink a Pepsi if the restaurant doesn't offer Coke, but I don't buy Pepsi products on a daily basis.

9. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? Honestly, it's a yes and no. I've never actually felt the presence of a ghost, but I watch Ghost Adventures and it makes me feel like it's possible.

10. If you could have one special room in your house, what would you choose? Describe it. Okay so my special room would have a book shelf to hold all my favorite books, for the smell of the old pages. I'd have to have one of those cushion bench things right under a window with no curtains so I could read in the sunlight. I'd also need a fridge and small snack pantry for my endless supply of Cokes that will magicall refill inside the fridge, and chocolate covered potato chips always stocked in the pantry. I'd like a TV in one corner with my video game system and my collection of movies. And a nice big comfy bed with tons of pillows for me to sleep in. I'd never leave my room (well, to get the kids ready for school and stuff, but that's it!)

11. What is your dream job? My dream job is actually nothing. I barely graduated high school and didn't exactly attend college.  As a teenager I didn't care to work (even though I know it's required if you want to have cash in your pocket), but it just wasn't me. Then my husband wanted me to be a stay at home mom to raise my kids and I fell even more in love with him. Now that I'm 30 and the kids are in school I've actually applied to a few jobs, with the mindset of a teenager though..... like "I shop at Shop Rite, let me apply there" or "I buy video games here so let me apply for a job".......................
If I actually NEEEEEEEDED to get up off my ass and get an adult job, I'd love to be a photographer. And not photograph people, but of beautiful scenery. And display my pictures in a gallery and have people buy them and stick them on their living room walls. That kind of artist would please me greatly.
Or a professional video game tester. Just sit around, play a video game and tell a company my thoughts about what's good and what's not. I've actually googled this before.... it's harder than it looks.

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