Monday, November 18, 2013

This Thing Called A Niche-- I Think I Lost Mine

Morning Geeksters! It's Monday, so I hate to start the week off with a Debbie-Downer post, but I can't help it......

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.... probably too much thinking now that I think about it... and really wonder what is going on with my blog. I was so in love with my blog when I first started it up, and now my blog was neglected for awhile. I really want to get back into blogging regularly again, but then I'm like "ugh, what to blog about?" I feel like the things I've been posting are mediocer... like it doesn't fit with my theme. Is geeky stuff really a niche?  Why am I over-analyzing my blog waaaayyyyyy too much?

I see people's blogs and love their layouts, love their content, can see they are passionate about one thing and just go for it. I want to be that type of person!

I had a private blog many, many years ago.... then last year my one friend says to me "I want to start a blog" and I was like "Awesome! I'm gonna start one too". We helped each other come up with names and themes and everything. About two months into it, her blog was very successful, with a lot of followers and awesome blog posts. My blog had literally five followers. Do I dare admit I was jealous? I was. I still am, actually. I tried to ask her for advice and stuff awhile back, and (I also hate to admit) felt like she gave me the cold shoulder. I continually support her blog and I don't feel the support back. We're absolutely not in the same niche/catergory for blogs, and while I honestly don't know much about the things she's writing about, I still am there for her, cheering her on. She probably doesn't know much about the things I like, but I feel like she could reciprocate. I'm not bashing you honey, I love you and am just being honest with how I am feeling.

Anyway, lately I'm feeling the blogging mojo come to me, but I want to get my blog up to snuff and revamp it. I found a layout I like (but it honestly has nothing to do with my theme so it annoys me at the same time) so I'm trying to work on that too. And I don't think I'll ever be the super-mega famous blogger everyone reads, and that's fine with me.... I don't even think "success" will happen overnight either, I'm not naive... but just a loyal fanbase who understands me and wants to come, read my content, be my friend and support me would be simply amazing!!

I just would like some real truthful brutally honest advice, from one blogger to another.

P.S. Geeky/Nerdy things seem to be my go-to.... I like to play video games, read books, watch movies, do puzzles, Harry Potter, Dr Who... that sort of thing. I would love to review products of things I like *not like a new bar of soap but of a new book or something*, write guests posts for blog pals, maybe be a photographer or even somehow make money working from home *not blogging to make money, although that'd be nice too* (in a non-scamming fashion)

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