Monday, January 20, 2014

Man Candy Monday

It's not a secret within my circle of friends that I've been a Keanu Reeves fan since way back in the day. Like I'm talking 1995 (I can quote the entire movie Johnny Mnemonic. And Speed, helloooooo!!!). This picture came up on my newsfeed, and I sooo had to stick it on my wall-- a normal every day picture of Keanu on the subway is just plain awesome. And so is he. Yea, his acting can sometimes be uuggghhhhh but I don't care, he's my imaginary husband. And I have a thing for leftys, true statement.

Anyone out there got the hook up? I'd shat myself if I were able to meet him in person, just sayin'.

So, MANDY CANDY MONDAY everyone. Holla!

Yes I realize my post is random, but it's been a crazy week so, ya get what ya get and ya don't get upset.