Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Snow Storm Ruined Our Egg Hunt

It's Spring! But..... it snowed last weekend and that ruined our plans to go to our egg hunt. You can't find eggs with 4 inches of snow on the ground, can ya. The kids were MEGA upset!

This past weekend we found another egg hunt to go to... and while it wasn't anything like the amazing one we normally go to, the kids were happy to go collect eggs and play some outdoor games.

Easter Sunday will consist of an egg hunt that the bunny does (hopefully in the yard, like last year), breakfast, church, and then spending the rest of the day at my parents house. My sister wants to do a small egg hunt in my mom's yard when all the kids are there, so that'll be fun.  Oh! Steven is going to surprise everyone and dress up as the Easter Bunny after the egg hunt. My 18 month old nephew is gonna freak out, haha! P.S. my kids know that people dress in a bunny suit, to help out the real Easter bunny..... the same concept as the Santa at the mall lol.

Pictures to come.