Friday, February 19, 2016

Vikings Season 4 Episode 1, on History Channel

So, who else was freakin' stoked as all that Vikings was back on TV last night?


As per usual, the episode was great. Right off the bat it started up with drama, which is sweet. I even yelled out "Oh shit!" at one point. Because it's about to get real up in Kattegat.

Rollo, my main man, surprised me..... and not in a nice way. I think I know where his story line is going, and I will not be pleased. But I am a huge fan, so I will continue watching (as I did after my favorite character was no longer on the show)

P.S. Two years ago, I googled and found out that these characters were real people, and then as I read reading.... lets just say I read a lot of spoilers (I am annoyed, but that is my own fault, lol) so I kinda know what's gonna go down.