Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Blogging Question or Two, Okay it's Three LOL

I have some questions.... and I'm sure they are basic Blogging knowledge, but I'm gonna ask anyway. #herecomesthenoob

1. I am big on the "Google Following" on my blog. Ya know, the blue button on the side of most everyone's blog that says Follow. When I started blogging that's how you kept track of the blogs you liked to read. P.S. I dislike change. Anyway, right now I have 25 followers there, which is fine by me..... but I feel like because everyone PROBABLY uses Bloglovin' now, that no one actually follows blogs the old way anymore. Is that true? And do I need to step up my Bloglovin' game? (I have one, and BARELY use it). And is that where you read your blog roll as well??

2. Does anyone SERIOUSLY use Google+ ? It looks like a Facebook wall to me, but I cannot for the life of me jump on that banwagon.

3. Where do I find the code for that box where I can put a HTML code so people can take my button, if they choose to do so? Can't find it anywhere, haha.