Tuesday, April 8, 2014

F: Fake People Annoy Me

Question for all Geeksters.......

If someone you know sells a product (be it pretty much anything), and they put on their Facebook that they are looking for 5 testers with the picture below, wouldn't you take it as she's looking for people to try her product for free?
I believed that a TESTER is someone who tries out your product for free and to send back an honest receive to the seller.

I blocked out the name of the company and the products, because
not reallllllly throwing her under the bus.....

I messaged her saying I might be interested, and she told me she wanted to me PAY for the item to be shipped to me. She would charge me a lot to ship it (it's not heavy whatsoever so it wouldn't cost that much to ship it to me anyway) or I could become her loyal customer and sign up through her website to be a member (and that was a huge chunk of change).

I said no thank you and went on my way.

But I feel like she's trying to scam people into buying her product by saying she's looking for testers to give honest reviews. It's more like a forced "buy my product" type ad to me.  If I had a business and were trying to sell product to my friends and family, I wouldn't say "test my product, but I'm gonna charge you so you give me your opinion later on". Just seems soooooooo fake.

Did I miss what being a tester really means? Someone explain this to me please.

I will not post what company she sells product for.
This is me giving me opinion, and as to why I am confused about what it means to be a tester.
This is my opinion. And I have nothing to do with the mentioned company.